What To Look For When It Is Time To Replace The Batteries In Your Boat Or Watercraft

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What To Look For When It Is Time To Replace The Batteries In Your Boat Or Watercraft

5 August 2022
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Boat batteries are similar to automotive batteries in many ways, but they also have some differences that make using the correct batteries crucial. The size and shape may look the same on the surface, but boat batteries often have different voltages, and amperage ratings, and the internal structure is unique for the abuse they take.

Wet Environments

Boat batteries must stand up to moisture and wet environments and function properly. If the battery compartment in your boat gets water in it and the battery stops working, you may find yourself unable to start the engine, run onboard electronics like radios and navigation equipment, and operate bilge pumps. 

Buying a generic twelve-volt battery may work for a while, but when you need batteries that are going to perform in adverse conditions, getting the correct boat batteries is vital. Most marine batteries have sealed cases to keep water out and acid in. They will also have a more durable outer case, internal structure, and are vibration resistant to help them stand up to bouncing and banging around on the water.

Often marine batteries gel inside instead of a standard lead acid design to further increase durability and safety. The lifespan of marine batteries varies with brand and model, but talk with the supplier when you purchase the batteries to determine when you should consider replacing your boat batteries. 

Replacement Batteries

Buying replacement batteries may seem challenging, but if you can remove the boat batteries, you can take them to a marine battery supply, and they will help you determine if yours are faulty and what replacements your need. The exact battery model may not be crucial, however, the voltage and amperage ratings, the physical size of the case, and the position of the connecting terminals can all be significant when it comes time to use the battery in your boat. 

If you are unsure how to install marine batteries, you can take your boat to a marina that has a mechanic available to help. In most cases, the battery is located near the engine and held in place with a bracket that needs removing. You can remove the battery cables with a wrench or socket, and then the battery should be free and able to come out. 

Removing and installing boat batteries for your specific craft should be a skill you learn when purchasing the boat because they need to come out when winterizing or storing the craft. You can use a service for that as well, but getting to know where things are and how they work will make it easier to self-rescue if there is a problem with the craft while you are out on the water.