The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Used Auto Parts

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The Pros And Cons Of Choosing Used Auto Parts

7 December 2022
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When making repairs to your vehicle, you will often have the choice between using brand-new or used auto parts. For many people, the option of buying used auto parts will prove to be the more beneficial option. However, this will not be the right choice for every person or for every auto repair. Carefully considering both the pros and cons of choosing used auto parts can help you to decide if this is the right option for your current needs.

The Pros

Several advantages accompany the decision to purchase used auto parts. These advantages include:

Lower Price

The primary reason that many people ultimately choose used auto parts is the fact that these parts are often available at a much lower price than brand-new parts. While the exact amount of your savings will depend upon the exact part you require and the supplier you purchase this part from, you can expect to see significant savings by choosing used auto parts for your repairs. 

Local Availability

Used auto parts are most commonly purchased through local scrap yards or individuals in your community who are selling the parts from their old vehicles. Since these parts can easily be purchased locally, there is no need to wait for the parts you need to arrive from the manufacturer. This means being able to complete your repairs faster.

Access To Discontinued OEM parts 

Manufacturers will stop producing original equipment parts for vehicles once they reach a certain age. If you are repairing an older vehicle, choosing to purchase used parts will allow you access to OEM parts that have been discontinued. This can be very important if you want to ensure the vehicle remains 100% authentic. 

The Cons

There are also some notable disadvantages that come with choosing used auto parts. These disadvantages include:

Limited Or No Warranty Coverage

It is common for used auto parts to be sold either with a very limited warranty or with no warranty coverage at all. This means that you will be taking on more risk when choosing to buy used parts.

Shorter Lifespan Of Mechanical Parts

When buying mechanical parts for your vehicle, it is important to note that a portion of the expected lifespan for these parts will have already been used by the previous owner. This means that you may need to replace the part again sooner than if you chose to install a brand-new replacement part. 

The Bottom Line

Choosing to purchase used auto parts can be a great way to save some cash on your auto repairs. These used parts also allow for quick and easy access to a wider variety of parts than is typically carried by local auto supply stores. However, it is important to note that used parts may have a shorter lifespan than brand-new parts and will therefore need to be replaced again sooner. These parts may also fail to come with any type of warranty coverage.