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Hello, my name is Clementine. Welcome to my site about auto parts. I want to help you buy the right parts for your auto repair project. There are many auto parts on the market that are similar in design, but not quite the same. Some of these similar parts will often fail to function as expected or fit properly. In this blog, I'll provide tips to help you purchase the right component and find a quality replacement for damaged or failing parts. I will also talk about upgrade options you can consider for your vehicle. Thank you for visiting, and I hope to see you again soon!


Foul Odors From Your Boat’s Head Horrifying Your Boat Guests? Here Are 4 Ways To Banish Them

13 September 2019
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It shouldn't be surprising that a boat's head often becomes a source of foul odors. Waste is periodically flushed into it down to the holding tank, where bacteria—some of which produce very foul gases—move in and begin to dine on the organic matter inside. Using seawater to flush your head adds a whole new dimension of living organisms, some of which die and begin to rot away inside your sanitation system. Read More …