3 Signs Your Car's Water Pump Has A Leak

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3 Signs Your Car's Water Pump Has A Leak

14 February 2022
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Your car's water pump helps regulate your engine's temperature. It keeps your car safe and protects its parts. However, these pumps can sometimes fail. For example, they often spring a leak somewhere in their system, say in a pipe, hose, seal, or gasket. How can you tell if your water pump has a problem?

1. You Have a Visible Coolant Leak

Your water pump system contains a coolant. This liquid helps the system cool down key parts in your engine.

If your water pump has a leak, then coolant can escape. For example, a broken seal, worn gasket, or a damaged pipe allows coolant to leak out of the system. As the coolant flows through the pump, some of it will fall out of holes and gaps.

You can typically see this coolant leak on the ground under the front end of your car. Coolant usually has a green or yellow color so it is easy to identify. There is no other reason for this fluid to be there, so, if you see it, you know you have a leak.

2. Your Engine Overheats

If your water pump has a problem, then it can't cool effectively. You might find that your engine gets hotter than it should. If the pump can't get coolant to the right places, then your engine will run too hot.

If this happens you might get a warning light on your dashboard. Smoke-like steam might come out of your engine. Or, you might notice that your engine smells. If this is down a coolant problem, then the smell will usually be slightly sweet.

3. Your Car Makes a Whining Noise

Sometimes, a failing water pump makes whining sounds. This often happens if the pump's pulley belt is too loose or breaks. The belt might still rotate; however, it is effectively out of position.

As the belt goes around, it might flap or rub against other parts. As it does this, it makes a whining noise. This noise will only get worse, so a quick fix is a good idea before the pump gets any more damaged.

For a fast and effective diagnosis and repair, take your car to a shop that specializes in your manufacturer's vehicles. For example, if you drive a BMW, then look for mechanics with experience in fixing BMW water pump leak problems. They will have expert knowledge of your car's system and access to suitable parts.

For more information on how to fix a BMW water pump leak, contact a company like BimmerFix Product Co.