A Guide to Understanding the Need for New Brake Lines & Your Replacement Options

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A Guide to Understanding the Need for New Brake Lines & Your Replacement Options

23 February 2017
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When you first learn that what you hoped was a minor issue with the brakes on your car is actually a problem with the brake lines that necessitates replacing them entirely, it is easy to feel a bit overwhelmed. That is even truer once you realize that there are two different types of brake lines to choose from. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider the following information when you are determining which type of brake lines would be the most appropriate option for your vehicle at this time. 

Understanding Why Your Brake Lines Need to Be Replaced    

It is important to note that many vehicles never need to have their brake lines replaced. If your vehicle does, it might be due to a build-up of rust in the lines that can spread to and then contaminate the fluid levels. If a visual or physical examination of the brake lines shows that a clear liquid leaking out from that area, your mechanic will probably recommend replacing your brake lines.

Alternatively, brake lines may need to replaced due to a lack of preventative maintenance on the brakes, allowing the damage to worsen until the brake lines are afflicted. In addition, if one brake line is affected, you should plan to replace them both so that they will have similar rates of wear and tear in the future.     

Choosing the Right Brake Line

When your car was new, it probably came equipped with a standard, no-frills brake line made of rubber. Many drivers prefer rubber brake lines because they are often simpler to use than their steel-braided counterparts and because they are cheaper to install. In addition, they tend to be easier for amateurs to inspect, so if the damage to the brake lines manifests again in the future, diagnosing the issue is easier.     

In comparison, the steel-braided brake lines consist of the same rubber brake lines that are then encased in a steel mesh. Its use is frequently preferred by individuals who spend time driving off-road or spend extensive periods of time in rural areas without paved roads. That is because the steel allows for the lines to be more resistant to sticks, stones, and other obstructions that your car could come into contact with during the course of its use.    

The brake lines on your vehicle can dramatically impact the safety, reliability, and usability of your automobile. Learn more by contacting companies like Williams Oil Filter Service Co.