Inexpensively Replacing An Older Car's Broken Driver's Seat

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Inexpensively Replacing An Older Car's Broken Driver's Seat

6 September 2016
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If your older car has a broken driver's seat, then you will be pleased to learn that you can purchase a used one to replace it. While buying a new seat from an automotive dealership is likely to be cost prohibitive, purchasing one from an auto salvage yard is much more reasonable. If you have never shopped at a salvage yard for parts before, then you need to keep a few important things in mind about the process, including the following:

Be Prepared to Shop Around

When you do your parts shopping at a salvage yard, you need to understand that the parts available to you are limited to the vehicles that they happen to have in their yard on that day. For this reason, you need to be prepared to shop around at each of your local salvage yards to find one with the right kind of car for you to remove the driver's seat from. You can save yourself some driving around if you call before you leave home and ask if your local salvage yards have the type of car you are looking for.

Be Open to a Close Match

Since you are looking at a wide variety of older vehicles in the salvage yard, you may not be able to locate the exact driver's seat that is in your vehicle, or you may find one that is the same style but a different color or fabric. If you stay open to buying a seat that is a close match, then you will have a lot easier time finding an acceptable replacement seat. Once the new driver's seat has been installed in your car, you can always get some inexpensive seat covers to hide the mismatched upholstery from view. Even with the extra cost involved in purchasing seat covers, a used seat is still going to be significantly cheaper than ordering a new one from a dealership.

Take Your Own Tools with You

Finally, unlike purchasing your car's new driver's seat from a dealership where it will arrive in a box, you will need to go out on the lot and remove the used car seat from an older vehicle to purchase it. In order to remove the seat, you will need some basic tools that you should bring with you to the salvage yard. While most salvage yards do offer the use of tools to remove parts, you should always try to take the tools you will need. This will ensure you have everything on hand to easily remove the seat. You should check the repair manual for your vehicle to determine the tools you need to bring with you.

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