Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Used Parts from an Automotive-Parts Salvage Company

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Tips to Ensure You Get the Best Used Parts from an Automotive-Parts Salvage Company

26 August 2016
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If you recently purchased a new-to-you car that is having a mechanical issue, then you will be pleased to learn that that you may be able to buy the replacement parts that you need from an automotive-parts salvage company. While you may feel overwhelmed at the idea of going out to a junkyard to find and remove the part yourself, the trip can be fun and interesting. To ensure that you get the best used parts for your money, follow these tips.

Tip 1: Call Before You Visit the Local Junkyards

While a call to your local junkyard may not necessarily be able to tell you if the exact part you are looking for is available, often the person who answers the phone can tell you if there are any vehicles similar to yours that are being parted out. This is helpful if you have purchased a less popular car model that may not have many vehicles of its type in the local junkyards. Calling around ensures you save time and frustration when trying to find appropriate parts for your new car.

Tip 2: Take a Few Dollars in Cash When You Go to the Junkyard

Many junkyards will charge you a nominal fee to walk around their yard and select the parts that you want. This fee is often just a dollar or two, and it is helpful if you bring along some cash to pay this fee. You should ask about these so-called "lot-entry fees" when you call about parts.

Tip 3: Take Along the Necessary Tools to Remove the Part You Need

One of the major reasons that used parts from a junkyard are cheaper than new parts is that you will be expected to remove your own part at the junkyard. While many junkyard operators will have some basic tools available that you can use to remove your needed part, it is always best to take your own tools with you. This ensures that you can easily remove the part that you need without having to walk back and forth to the junkyard office and hope that they have the tool that you need.

Tip 4: Look at All the Available Parts Before Selecting a Part for Your Car

Finally, if the junkyard has many cars with the part that you are searching for, take the time to find the best-looking part. By removing and purchasing the best-looking part, you can help to ensure that the part you select will work and get your used car back on the road in no time.