Test Drive: How To Pass A Car Emissions Test The Day After A Fail

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Test Drive: How To Pass A Car Emissions Test The Day After A Fail

26 August 2016
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Getting a failing grade on a car exhaust test can be crushing. Not only does it mean that your car is likely to be in need of work, it means that you cannot get the proper inspection sticker that you need for your vehicle. In many states, if your car does not pass the emissions test, that means it is not road legal and you may not drive the car, so it is a good idea to get a passing grade on the car emissions test as soon as possible. If you have received a failing grade on the emissions test, here are some steps to passing and getting your car on the road a day later. 

Stop at an auto shop for a test

The first thing that you need to do after failing the emissions test is request the reason for the failure. After you receive a paper with this information, you will need to stop by an auto shop to get a test performed on your vehicle. The test should show a code for anything that could be wrong with your vehicle. Using the results from this test, ask the auto mechanic to determine what issues are going on with your car and what needs to be fixed for the emissions test. 

Check the catalytic converter

One of the parts that often goes bad is the catalytic converter. This piece changes toxins into gasses that are better for the environment before allowing them to flow through the car exhaust. If anything is wrong with this piece, it can cause a failure for the emissions test immediately. If you want to be sure that your car is operating at proper emissions levels, have a mechanic take a look at the catalytic converter. If it is worn out, burned, or is otherwise in poor shape, replace it with a brand new converter to make sure that your car exhaust system is in good shape. 

Be sure to get the codes cleared

In some states and counties, if your check engine light is on, even if there is nothing wrong, this can cause confusion with the emissions testing. After you have had the necessary repair work performed on your car, be sure to have the codes cleared by the mechanic. Once the codes are cleared, you'll be able to have your car retested to become road legal the next day.