Caring For Your ATV: Replacement Parts You Need

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Caring For Your ATV: Replacement Parts You Need

24 August 2016
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Owning an ATV provides opportunity for lots of adventure and exploration. Just like regular vehicles, there is maintenance required to keep your unit in perfect condition. Caring for your ATV goes way beyond simple storage in winter and making sure it has fresh gas for every journey. It means knowing which parts are most likely to need replacing along the line and when this is necessary. Here are the replacement parts you will need throughout your ATV ownership days and when they are beneficial to safe riding.


ATV tires are most designed for off-roading, which means they wear down more quickly on gravel or paved roads. As a result, you may notice your ATV tire tread becoming thin (especially in the rear from braking) within just a season of use. To more evenly wear your tires and have better traction while going on adventures, consider upgrading to replacement tires that have thicker, more durable tread for various terrain rather than just off-road territory.


Your clutch lever is one of the easiest parts of your ATV to break, especially if you roll your off-roader or are an adventurous rider. The best way to avoid constantly replacing this needed part on your ATV is to trade in your current clutch for a breakaway style designed to bend and even come apart without actually breaking. This type of clutch is common in ATVs, UTVs, and even dirt bikes for effective hard riding without damage. The next time your clutch breaks, go to your local ATV parts store and ask about the types of breakaway clutches that are available for your ATV brand.


A worn, torn, seat on your ATV provides little comfort and shock absorption when you are encountering bumpy hills and rough terrain. You can tear your ATV seat with camping or hunting gear, or simply cause the seat to wear out and crack from sun exposure. Replace your ATV seat with one that is designed to support the lower back and tailbone with a breathable mesh covering to protect the leather or synthetic covering from the sun as soon as you notice minor wear in your seat. Depending on how often you ride your ATV, it may be several months or years before you need to replace your seat.

Your ATV will last you for many years if you take proper care of your unit by replacing parts as needed. Talk to your local ATV repair and parts store specialist to see what replacement parts and add-on accessories will work best for your needs.